Apprentice Gardener / Landscaper

  • Company: Oak Gardens Ltd
  • Location: Norfolk, NR34 0LA
  • Type: Apprenticeship
  • Salary: £153.92 per week
  • Sector: Horticulture
  • Ref: VAC-01843
  • Application Deadline Date: 29/05/2022
  • Start Date: 30/05/2022
  • Positions Available: 1
  • Working Week: 8 hours per day for 4 days, lunchbreaks are 30 minutes, with addition

Brief Description

A great opportunity to gain an apprenticeship in Horticulture whilst being trained in garden maintenance and hard and soft landscaping. The position will hopefully offer varied work which will teach the applicant a wide range of skills for working outdoors.

Qualifications Required

Entry onto the apprenticeship is subject to a thorough initial assessment to establish course suitability. Ideally applicants should have at least 4 GCSEs including English and Maths at grades 9- 4 for an Advanced Apprenticeship and 9-3 for an Intermediate. Apprentices need to be employed for minimum of 30 hours a week in the industry with a contract of employment.
Proof of qualifications will be required before you can be accepted onto the apprenticeship.
PLEASE NOTE: Those without the stated entry requirements or awaiting GCSE/GCSE retake grades, may be offered an appointment to come into college (Ipswich or Suffolk Rural (Otley) campus) and sit an online assessment to confirm program suitability.

Personal Qualities

Respectful, reliable, honest and positive. Some of the client’s can be difficult to work with so patience is very important, especially while you will be learning new skills and knowledge about an area that they personally may know quite a lot about.

Skills Required

Essential skills:
 An understanding of safety for yourself and the people around you
 Punctual
 Keen learner
 Attentive to instructions
Desirable skills:
 Some knowledge of plants
 Some knowledge on hard/soft landscaping
 Any experience working in gardens.

Future Prospects

The opportunity to work alongside myself as a full member of the team with more responsibilities and less supervision, with enough experience and confidence work alone with a company vehicle and tools.

Vacancy Detail

Work will involve garden maintenance, hard and soft landscaping. Gardening work will include maintaining borders, cutting lawns, cutting hedges and small tree work. Landscaping work will include, digging out foundations for garden designs, laying patios, installing pathways, constructing raised beds, pergolas and other garden structures. We will be working in clients gardens so a level of respect for the environment around yourself is essential
Key responsibilities
 Maintaining gardens to a high standard
 Planting and mulching borders
 Maintaining lawns through cutting and further treatment
 Clearing areas of garden waste/ generally keeping tools in order
 Understanding the dangers that power tools have and using them responsibly
 Keeping plants healthy and understanding when plants need further attention, be that, watering, pruning, or chemical treatment.

All aspects of the position will require use of tools, mostly hand tools but also some power tools.

Other Information

Working outdoors can be very tiring, Winter months can be extremely cold and wet (thermal clothing/ waterproof clothing and PPE will be provided), equally the Summer months can be extremely hot and tiring. We try and work in all conditions but if the rain is heavy and the job can be completed at a later date the day may be called short and you will be allowed to go home. But you will have to work through most levels of rain. Two types of gloves will be provided, one for your hands comfort and one for keeping wet material from affecting your hands, but you will still end up becoming dirty, your clothes and skin will come into contact with dirt and soil.

This apprenticeship has expired